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If you're looking for wholesale airsoft guns and supplies, then you won't find better value anywhere on the net. We supply resellers and organizations with high quality Abbey Airsoft equipment, whether for training or entertainment purposes.
Abbey Airsoft manufacture a high quality of airsoft rifle gasses, lubricants and other gun care products that help you to get the very best performance from your equipment. If you're going to invest in precision weaponry, then you need to make sure you give it the proper care and attention and that you use the very best gasses and lubricants. You will find the means to do that on this page. We stock the very latest inventory and for the lowest bulk costs on the net.

Types of Airsoft Gun

iWholesales is the premier online supplier for Abbey airsoft Airsoft guns can be categorized into three primary groups. These are spring powered, gas powered and automatic electric guns. Whereas spring powered guns need to be re-cocked after each shot and shoot at a lower velocity, gas and electric guns provide much more immediate firepower – more akin to the real experience.
Abbey Solutions provide gasses and lubricants designed specifically for gas powered guns. That said, their range of gun care products can be used for any kind of equipment to keep them looking and performing well.

Why Abbey Airsoft?

Abbey provide a large variety of different Airsoft propellant gasses and sophisticated lubricants to provide improved performance, safety and accuracy. They are pioneers in high pressure lubrication in their gasses. These are highly stable and result in unparalleled performance.
At iWholesales, we stock a wide variety of Abbey airsoft products; including their range of lubricants, gasses and more. Gun care equipment includes lens cleaning products, anti-fog sprays and more. Even if you don't stock or use airsoft, many of these items – including the Abbey Universal Sportsman's Cloth – can still be very useful for buyers.

Why iWholesales?

At iWholesales we stock Abbey Airsoft products in large quantities and sell at the lowest prices. We offer speedy delivery and excellent packaging to provide a service that you can rely on. We pride ourselves on our great value and on our industry-beating customer care. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we will happily discuss them with you.
For the very best airsoft equipment, trust iWholesales!
Not looking for gasses, lubricants or gun care? Take a look around the rest of our site for a variety of guns and supplies from other manufacturers and brands.

Abbey Airsoft

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Abbey Gas Nozzle Extensions
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Abbey Brut Sniper Gas (300gm - Blue Gas)
Abbey Brut Sniper Gas (300gm - Blue Gas) - All New Brut Sniper Gas is new to the European ma..
Abbey Mini Predator Ultra Gas (Red - 270ml)
Abbey Mini Predator Ultra Gas (Red - 270ml) ..
Abbey Predator Ultra Gas (Red - 700ml)
Abbey Predator Ultra Gas (Red - 700ml) ..
Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 144a (270ml)
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Abbey Maintenance Gas 144a (700ml)
Abbey Maintenance Gas 144a (700ml) ..
Abbey Gun Grease LT2
Abbey Gun Grease LT2 (SKU: 610110)
Abbey Gun Grease LT2 ..