A Designated Marksman Rifle is a rifle that is typically a bit more accurate and a little bit longer ranged than a comparable battle rifle. These are usually fielded in a squad to provide the squad leader with an asset that can help engage those harder to reach targets.

That is not to say that a DMR can not be used by a Sniper team, However most sniper teams usually prefer to use a bolt action rifle when extreme range and accuracy are required.

In Airsoft these are generally rifles that are LOCKED to Semi automatic in nature and have a muzzle velocity of over 400 fps. The upper limit for DMR's is normally in the 440 fps region.  Normally there will be an minimum engagement rage at most game fields of up to 30 metres. 

While giving away a little bit of range and accuracy to a Bolt action rifle, a DMR will have the advantage of faster follow up shots, and usually a larger magazine capacity. 

The DMR's that we have on this page are usually locked to semi automatic fire mode at the factory and are usually incapable of fully automatic fire, Many sites now ask for this "Factory lock" to prevent accusations of cheating.

As with most longer ranged bolt action rifles, we normally reccomend that you use heavier weights of ammunition to get the best accuracy out of these platforms. Consider stocking BB weights in the 0.28g and 0.30g area to go with these DMR.

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Cyma CM091 M4 URX 2 (Metal Body - Black - CYMA-CM091)
Cyma CM091 M4 URX 2 (Metal Body - Black - CYMA-CM091) ..
Cyma CM032 DMR AEG (Wooden)
Cyma CM032 DMR AEG (Wooden) FPS: 330+ FPS Standard V7 Gearbox Semi and Fully Automatic Fire..
A&K DMR AK25 (Tan - DMR-25-TAN)
A&K DMR AK25 (Tan - DMR-25-TAN) ..
A&K DMR M4 (Tan - DMR-M4-TAN)
A&K DMR M4 (Tan - DMR-M4-TAN) ..
WE 712 Carbine Gas Blowback Rifle (Black - Long - WE-R-712)
Specifications: Metal Barrel Metal upper and lower receiver Faux wood stock a..
Bolt - B4 MK12 MOD 1 with Silencer DMR - semi-automatic only (Heavy Recoil System - Fixed Stock - Black - 400 FPS)
BOLT - B4 MK12 MOD 1 with Silencer DMR Spec - Semi-automatic only (Heavy Recoil System - ..
Ares - Knights SR25 DMR Carbine (Semi locked EFCC) DMR AEG (ARES-SR-006E) (400FPS)
Ares - Knights SR25 DMR Carbine (EFCC) AEG (ARES-SR-006E) Designated Marksman Rifl..
Ares - SR-004E SR25 Carbine (Locked to semi EFCC) DMR AEG (with Scope Mounts) (ARES-SR-004E)(Black)(400fps)
Ares - Amoeba SR25 Carbine (Locked to semi EFCC) DMR AEG (with Scope Mounts) (Black) (ARES-S..