King Arms is one of the top manufacturers of airsoft toy guns and their parts and accessories. Established in 2009 in Hong Kong, the company has grown very popular in the shortest period of time. King Arms continues to provide better performance and excellent products with every airsoft gun it produces.

King Arms provides its airsoft guns within four levels of rifle series.

The Sports Series

Designed for entry level players, the Sports Series from King Arms is known for its high mobility, light weight and fine performance. Made from nylon fibre, the airsoft guns look real and appear very stylish.

Ultra Grade Series

For shooters with more skills, the Ultra Grade series is perfect. It is an upgraded version of the Sport Series that provides a healthy balance between weight, mobility, reality, appearance and cost. Made from zinc, alloy and nylon fibre, these airsoft guns are ideal for young players.

The Advance Series

With a realistic, stylish appearance, the Advance series is an excellent choice for those who seek pricing and quality. The airsoft gun is made from zinc alloy and nylon fibre, ensuring its durability for years to come and guaranteeing the perfect return on investment. Weight and mobility are also prominent features of the Advance Series and two of the factors that make its guns unique.

The Elite

Designed for the semi-professional airsoft player, rifles in the Elite series are made with the latest airsoft technology. Their outstanding performance and high quality is matched by the realistic appearance of the guns.

Rifles from the Elite series are made from CNC 6065 aluminium alloy, steel and nylon fibre. Though their mobility is less than the other three series, rest assured that you will love the weight of the gun in your hands and the cost you pay for this experience.

King Arms Airsoft

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King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1 Magazine (50 Rounds - KA-MAG-47 - Black)
King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1 Magazine (50 Rounds - KA-MAG-47 - Black) ..