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The International Practical Shooting Confederation often referred to as IPSC was created to help promote, maintain, improve, and make advancements in the sport of IPSC shooting. The confederation holds several different competitions where contestants will have to handle multiple targets, targets that will react when hit, moving targets, penalty targets and even some that may be partially hidden.

The various Wholesale IPSC items you will find on our website are approved by the IPSC for all their competitions. Whether you are looking for a specific hand gun, rifle or accessories, you will easily be able to find the right Wholesale IPSC to help you with your training.

We ensure that all the of the Wholesale IPSC products are the most up to date and will help you improve your accuracy for all the various things that will be thrown at you during the competition. In order to join in on the competition you will need to learn the rules associated with the competition you wish to enter. Learning more about the rules, targets, and even the minimum distance will better help you choose the right Wholesale IPSC products you will need to beat the competition.

Check out our inventory and learn more about the products that fit the competition you desire to enter. Once you have the right equipment, you will be able to practice and prepare so you can not only enjoy the event but become a better marksman. From the best magazine pouch to a unique upgrade kit, you can find all you need when it comes to Wholesale IPSC.

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APS Cam870 Co2 Shotgun (Long - APS-CAM870-RED - MKIII)
Because of the high demand, APS is now re-launching the MKI system, we call it CAM MKIII. MKIII i..
WE XDM IPSC Special Edition Gas Blowback Pistol (Black)
WE XDM IPSC Special Edition Gas Blowback Pistol (Black)   This Custom Airsoft Pistol..
Armorer Works Custom .38 SuperComp (AW-HX2402 - Black)
Armorer Works Custom .38 SuperComp (AW-HX2402 - Black) ..
WE Custom - Hi-Speed GBB - (Aluminium CNC Split two stage slide)
WE Custom - Hi-Speed GBB - (Aluminium CNC'd Split two stage slide) WE Model Company have..