Bo Manufacture 5.5mm/.22 Langley Hitman Break Barrel Air Pistol with Silencer (7.5j - Black)

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Break Barrel

BO Manufacture compressed air pistol, The Black Ops Soul Hitman version with silencer.

Inspired by US Air Force Base Langley, we have developed the most powerful range of break barrel air pistols on the market. The Hitman evokes Hollywood films and their precision weapons, dismountable, discreet and with silencer (here dummy, to decorate the barrel).

  • Tilting barrel armament
  • High density polymer body
  • Detachable polymer stock to turn your pistol into a rifle 
  • 21mm Picatinny mounting rail with fiber optic open sight
  • Extremely deep tan
  • Very high quality internal parts
  • Race-adjustable trigger
  • FMB steel fret
  • 30 cm long barrel with textured grip for easier cocking
  • Ambidextrous controllers

Attention, do not arm the pistol by leaning on the butt, under penalty of not taking in guarantee if breakage.

Over-Packaging: 1 box = 4 guns

More Information
SKU H10140
Type Pistol
Weapon Powered By Spring
Construction Gun Metal/Polymer
Weapon Variant/Platform Break Barrel
Weapon Fire Mode Safe/Single
Two Tone No