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  1. April 29, 2024

    Brand: Secutor

    In the realm of airsoft, one name echoes through the corridors of history like a thunderous roar – Secutor. The word itself, derived from Latin, means "hunter," a fitting epithet for a brand that has consistently dominated the market with its unparalleled quality and innovation. Just as the ancient Secutors were feared gladiators, masters of hand-to-hand combat, the modern-day Secutor brand embodies prowess and superiority.

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  2. April 29, 2024

    Brand: Rossi

    The Rossi Tradition in Airsoft: Exploring Their Dynamic Product Range

    The Rossi tradition in firearm design and manufacture traces its roots back to 1889 when Italian gunsmith Amadeo Rossi founded the company. Over the span of 130 years, Rossi has established itself as a stalwart in the industry, synonymous with fine quality products and a rich heritage. Now, the legacy of Rossi expands into the realm of Airsoft, combining their expertise in real firearms with the dynamic world of Airsoft gaming.

    Redwing Series

    The Redwing Series pays homage to the bravery and sacrifice of four Navy SEALs who ventured into the territories of Kunar, Afghanistan. Named after the courageous operation, this product line exemplifies honor and sacrifice. With meticulous attention to detail, the Redwing Series boasts features designed for precision and performance on the Airsoft battlefield.

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  3. March 31, 2024

    Fabarms STF12 Series Gas Shotguns

    The STF/12 is the best shotgun in its class, thanks to unique high-end features, performances and a firmly modern look, this is the shotgun of choice for growing military, law enforcement and shooting sports enthusiasts worldwide.

    Designed and developed from scratch by the BO Manufacture team, this replica offers the best in accuracy and shooting consistency and a yet extremely compact design. You will live the incredibly genuine feeling of this STF12 thanks to high-density ABS materials matched to the anodised metal barrel.

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  4. March 28, 2024

    APS Striker-12 "Street Sweeper" MK3 Shotgun

    Check out the brand-new APS MK-3 Street Sweeper Revolver Shotgun – a top-notch addition to your Airsoft gear inspired by famous guns from movies and games. Built tough with a sturdy polymer body and a strong metal magazine and barrel, this shotgun feels realistic and can take a beating during your intense matches.

    A Bit of Background
    Originally made in South Africa in 1981, the Striker-12, nicknamed the "Street Sweeper", was meant for military and security use. It can shoot different kinds of 12-gauge cartridges and reloads super-fast so you can switch up your ammo on the fly.

    Cool Gas System
    CAM MKIII shotgun are 100% compatible with MKI shells and Smart Shot shells. Smart shot shells allow user to fill gas directly through the valve. With the use of either 88g cylinder adapter or paintball cylinder adapter, the filling is 3 times faster than the old MKI system.

    Comfy Design
    Made for comfort and easy handling, this shotgun has grips with finger grooves t

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  5. March 20, 2024

    Secutor Rapax M8 and M9

    RAPAX is the most popular model of the Secutor brand nowadays. Its secret perhaps lies in the fact that it offers an exclusive and limited edition product, which is constantly updated in its 9 versions, while boasting some very good features in a machine which is specifically designed for DMR lovers.


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  6. February 02, 2024

    New Year and New Space, We are moving Premises!

    We are moving premises and unfortunately, we have to close down for a week to get the move jump-started and completed. Throughout the years we thank you for your support. The last day of shipping will be Wednesday 07/02/2024 We will resume shipping Thursday 15/02/2024

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  7. December 01, 2023

    Christmas and New Year Opening Hours 2023

    In anticipation of the holiday season, we are delighted to inform our valued wholesale trade customers of our special opening hours designed to enhance your holiday shopping experience. Our standard operating hours, from 10 AM to 6 PM, ensure you have ample time to explore our offerings and find the perfect gifts or services for your business needs.

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  8. May 22, 2023

    How to Reset your password (Quick Video)

    Your old Email and Password should work as per the old site, but if it doesn’t let you log in, kindly reset your password.

    If you are still having problems then you can use the chat function on the website, alternatively, you can call us on 01753 682 686 or email us info@iwholesales.co.uk.



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  9. May 11, 2023

    APS M870 'Douchebag' Sheel Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun

    Coming Soon - Coming Soon Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon

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  10. May 10, 2023

    Ares x Amoeba Striker Tactical 01 in OD (AST1-OD)

    Ares x Amoeba Striker Tactical 01 in OD (AST1-OD)

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