K-Warrior 1911 Gas BlowBack

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K-Warrior 1911 Gas BlowBack 1911, these are the master of pistol blowbacks. It has an excellent full metal finish with full metal magazine. The gun is big and is heavy in your hands which is gives the right kind of feeling when firing. Fires at 310 FPS and with a range of 50 Meters, K-Warrior 1911 Gas BlowBack 1911B is worth every penny and compared to other gas blowback with the likes of SRC it is worth specially with hard ABS case,

Please be aware preformance of gas blow back pistols do vary with climate temerpature optimal operating temperature is 17C to 20C.


- SRC Green Gas (Recommended)

- 30 Round Magazine

- 310 FPS

- Full Metal Gun

- Full Metal Magazine

- Includes Bag of 50 BB Pellets

- Includes ABS Hard Case with Internal Foam

More Information
SKU 110153
Type Pistol
Weapon Powered By Gas
Weapon Powered FPS 251 - 300
Construction Gun Metal
Weapon Hop Up Adjustable
Weapon Variant/Platform 1911
Weapon Fire Mode Safe/Single
Two Tone No
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