D91 Electric Airsoft Gun

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Electric rechargeable fully automatic sub machine. Close to full size and with butt extended it is approximately 25 inches. Comes with charger, rechargeable battery pack, BBs, and unjammer stick. Shoots approximately 220+ FPS, at approximately 350 rounds a minute. The BBs are fed in from the top. The battery on this gun is actually disguised as the clip. Faster than UHC mini electrics. Gift Boxed.

* Full Size Sub Machine Electric Airsoft Gun
* Fully loaded, full auto airsoft rifle. Has selector switch for full auto, semi-auto, or safety. Measures 25" in length. Includes rechargeable battery and charger. Shoots approximately 350 rounds per minute at about 220 fps.
* Magazine Capacity: 25 BBs
* Velocity: Approx. 220 FPS
* Rate of fire: 350 Rounds Per Minute
* Caliber: 6mm BBs or Paintballs
* Power Type: Fully and Semi Auto Electric
* 1:1 Full Size Scale
* CE Certified
* Rechargeable Battery and Charger
* Speed Loader
* 6mm Plastic Bullets
* Barrel Cleaner/Unclogger
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SKU 210305
Type Rifle
Weapon Powered By Electric
Weapon Variant/Platform UZI
Two Tone No