Ragnar Raids RAGNAROK Combat Pants - c.OD - Size 42


What is special about the Ragnarök Pants?

Our uniforms have been based on the experience of people who are currently deployed and active in conflict zones. Where resistant garments are a key requirement, while being comfortable to wear for long periods of time or during long journeys. Their advice and, why not say it, the use of certain elements very present in sports mountain clothing has led us to create the Ragnarök combat uniform.

General characteristics:

• Adjustable size through elastic straps on both sides of the waist.

• Velcro closure.

• Internal waistband in velvety material to improve comfort and reduce internal slippage of the combat shirt.

• 60 mm belt loops for use with tactical belts.

• Original YKK zippers.

• Reinforcements on both front anti-tear pockets.

• Large cargo capacity with 11 pockets, designed to be accessed even with an equipped plate carrier.

• Resistant fabric, which limits tears and wear.

• Double stitching on the crotch.

• Breathable fabric, which allows sweat to dry quickly, favoring the evacuation of body heat.

• Flexible material with elastane that allows the stretching of the fabric in the lower back area, preventing the pants from moving from their correct position when bending over.

• Elastic material with elastane in the knee area to improve the dynamics of the knee movement.

• Front reinforcements on the knees.

• Velcro access for installation of internal protection knee pads.

• Adjustments at the back of the knee for the width of the pants.

• Original velcro adjustments for the closure at the bottom

• Metal hook on the inside of the bottom of each leg for a perfect fit of the pants and to be able to join them to the footwear



Tested in the Dead Sea

Our RAGNARÖK uniforms have been tested, among others, by first-level members of special operations from the State of Israel. These specially trained units are very demanding about the quality of the material and prior to its use they subject it to tough tests of resistance and durability. Our uniforms passed the demanding test of the Dead Sea (lake with hypersaline waters). This test or almost textile torture consisted of: Submerging with the uniform in the especially salty water of the Dead Sea, letting the uniforms dry in the sun with the saltpeter and running races several times to check the anti-tearing capacity of the fabric and the seams. As if this test were not enough punishment, the same uniforms were subjected a second time to the same test of being submerged into the salt water, waiting for them to dry and performing certain exercises and races again, pushing the fabric to its limits. Our Ragnarök uniforms passed the test, the seams were not torn and the fabric survived, keeping the uniform fully operational.

We could explain a thousand features of our Ragnarök uniforms, but we believe passing this test attests to the quality of the product, designed by professionals and tested by professionals.

11 pocket configuration:

• Two very deep front pockets with angles to facilitate access even with the equipment on, both with reinforced trim to avoid tearing or as a holding area for knives or other clip-on tools.

• One small front pocket on the left side

• Four side pockets designed so that the load moves towards the back of the thigh, allowing greater maneuverability to the knee when walking, running or performing any movement. It is a cargo design that favors mobility and keeps objects carried in the pockets away from sensitive areas such as the knees.

o Side cargo pockets: Both have an original YKK zip closure, the pocket itself has a gusset to expand its carrying capacity or maintain its original low-profile position. 

o Pocket designed for use with mobile phones in a quick access area and with a velcro flap closure, even in extreme cases it allows carrying a 5.56 mm magazine.

• Two low profile, shapeless and rounded pockets on the back to allow access even with the gear on.

• Two small pockets on the top of both back pockets.




• Shell 1: 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton

• Shell 2: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane

• Shell 3: 100% Nylon

• Lining: 100% Polyester

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Colour/Camo OD
Size 42