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What is special about the Ragnarök Combat Shirt?

Our uniforms have been based on the experience of people who are currently deployed and active in conflict zones. Where resistant garments are a key requirement, while being comfortable to wear for long periods of time or during long journeys. Their advice and, why not say it, the use of certain elements very present in sports mountain clothing has led us to create the Ragnarök combat uniform.

Tested in the Dead Sea

Our RAGNARÖK uniforms have been tested, among others, by first-level members of special operations from the State of Israel. These specially trained units are very demanding about the quality of the material and prior to its use they subject it to tough tests of resistance and durability. Our uniforms passed the demanding test of the Dead Sea (lake with hypersaline waters). This test or almost textile torture consisted of: Submerging with the uniform in the especially salty water of the Dead Sea, letting the uniforms dry in the sun with the saltpeter and running races several times to check the anti-tearing capacity of the fabric and the seams. As if this test were not enough punishment, the same uniforms were subjected a second time to the same test of being submerged into the salt water, waiting for them to dry and performing certain exercises and races again, pushing the fabric to its limits. Our Ragnarökuniforms passed the test, the seams were not torn and the fabric survived, keeping the uniform fully operational.

We could explain a thousand features of our Ragnarök uniforms, but we believe passing this test attests to the quality of the product, designed by professionals and tested by professionals.

Breathable and quick-drying garment

The design of the Ragnarök combat shirt combines CORDURA's BRAND BASELAYER technology with a high-resistance mesh design applied in areas where the skin has the highest sweat points and needs a quick evacuation point to keep the body dry. The back, chest and armpits cuts have been specially designed so that the operator can also wear ballistic protection vests. Reinforcing the areas where the operator comes most into contact with the environment, such as the arms with reinforcement seams on the elbows, as well as the shoulders that must support the straps of the vests or backpacks, leaving the entire trunk area with breathable, ultra-fast drying materials.


It is a high-performance knit fabric specifically designed from a blend of nylon and cotton. Versatile in all weather conditions. Stronger than 100% cotton. And unlike polyester, it does not adhere to the skin or generate beads of sweat when exposed to high temperatures during combat. 


- Does not drip like polyester.

- Reduces the severity of burns.

- Helps protect against flash fires.


- Absorbs moisture faster than 100% cotton.

- Quickly removes moisture from sweat.

- Absorbs moisture faster than 100% cotton.


- Feels soft against the skin.

- Air permeability equivalent to cotton.

- Perfect for everyday use on the base or in combat.


- Feels soft against the skin.

- Air permeability equivalent to cotton.

- Perfect for everyday use on the base or in combat.

Removable hood

Based on mountain concepts, the Ragnarök hood allows very quick installation and removal by means of velcro on the inside of the neck of the combat shirt. Likewise, its large dimensions are designed to be used with a ballistic helmet on. You can adapt the shape of the hood on its visor as it has an internal wire to modify the front shape, as well as adjusting the height and upper perimeter of the hood with handles to make a more customized adjustment to your operational needs.




• Shell 1: 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton

• Shell 2: 50% Cotton, 50% Nylon

• Shell 3: 100% Polyester

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