Ragnar Raids THOR Jeans - c.AOR1 - Size 44


What is special about the THOR Jeans?

The idea behind this garment was to combine a traditional pair of jeans with hidden characteristics of tactical cut pants, both in terms of materials and in design, to have a garment that could be used in everyday life in urban environments, but capable of addressing certain technical requirements.

It was extremely important that both the cut of the jeans with the design of its front pockets, reinforcements, YKK zipper, lower waterproof zone as well as high-end stitching and studs in key areas to improve resistance were combined with a comfortable garment to be able to run or take quick actions in the event of an intervention. Therefore, after many tests, a combination of 96% cotton was made to ensure comfort, and 4% elastane was used so that the material was flexible without tearing. The jeans design fits at the waist (has a certain margin to not squeeze and allow interior pistol holsters) adjusting at the thigh and being a little wider at the bottom (allowing the use of pistol holsters or an IFAK on the ankle)


Wide belt loops

All the belt loops on the contour of the trousers have a height of 55 mm since they are designed to be used in addition to normal belts with tactical belts to be used as a front line.

Internal lining

The jeans has a double waterproof material in AOR1 that serves two functions: On the one hand, it has an aesthetic function and on the other, the jean incorporates 8 cm of this material sewn as an inner lining that will help to waterproof the bottom of the jean itself.

Six pocket configuration:

    • Two front pockets with angled cut and gusset.

    • One inside pocket on the right side.

    • Two pockets on the back with traditional cut.

    • One hidden pocket on the back (for keys or important items)




• Shell 1: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane

• Shell 2: 100% Polyester

• Lining: 100% Polyester

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SKU 614766
Type Trouser
Two Tone No
Colour/Camo Camo
Size 44