Cyma CM023 Electric Rifle (Budget - CM023 - BLUE)

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Introducing the Cyma CM023 Electric Rifle - Your Affordable MP5 Powerhouse!

Are you ready to experience the thrill of airsoft battles like never before? Look no further than the Cyma CM023 Electric Rifle, the budget-friendly MP5 that packs a punch! Designed for airsoft enthusiasts who demand precision, power, and reliability, the CM023 is here to elevate your gameplay.

Unleash the Power:
- This incredible rifle fires both Semi and Fully Automatic rounds, giving you the tactical advantage you need on the battlefield.
- Crafted to perfection, it boasts a 1:1 scale design for that authentic MP5 feel.

Everything You Need, Right Out of the Box:
- No need to search for accessories; we've got you covered. The Cyma CM023 comes complete with a Battery and Charger, so you're ready to go.
- With a remarkable 40-meter range and a formidable 255 FPS velocity, this rifle ensures your shots reach their target with precision.

Gear Up for Battle:
- The package includes a Mock Silencer and Mock Scope to enhance your airsoft experience and keep you ahead of the competition.
- Never run out of ammo with Two Magazines included in the box.
- Customize your rifle with an Adjustable Rear Stock for comfort and control.

Precision Meets Performance:
- Please note, for optimal performance, use only 0.20 Gram BB Pellets with this electric airsoft gun. Trust us; it's worth it.

Inspired by H&K MP5:
- The Cyma CM023 is based on the iconic MP5 by H&K, known for its reliability and performance. Now, you can own a piece of that legacy without breaking the bank.

What's Inside the Box:
- Mock Silencer: For that authentic tactical look.
- Red Dot Sight: Improve your aiming accuracy with ease.
- Battery and Charger: No need to hunt for compatible power sources.
- Starter BB Pellets: Get started right away!
- 2 x Magazines: Keep the action going without interruption.
- Speedloader: Reload swiftly during intense battles.
- Screw Driver: For quick maintenance and adjustments.

Upgrade your airsoft arsenal with the Cyma CM023 Electric Rifle. Whether you're a seasoned airsofter or just starting out, this MP5-inspired gem offers unbeatable value, performance, and style. Elevate your game and seize victory on the battlefield with the CM023 today!

More Information
SKU 210276
Type Rifle
Weapon Powered By Electric
Weapon Powered FPS 251 - 300
Construction Gun Plastic
Weapon Hop Up Adjustable
Weapon Variant/Platform MP5
Weapon Fire Mode Safe/Single/Auto
Battery Included Yes - NiMH
Charger Included Yes - NiMH
Two Tone Yes