Product Spotlight

  1. February 02, 2024

    New Year and New Space, We are moving Premises!

    We are moving premises and unfortunately, we have to close down for a week to get the move jump-started and completed. Throughout the years we thank you for your support. The last day of shipping will be Wednesday 07/02/2024 We will resume shipping Thursday 15/02/2024

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  2. May 22, 2023

    How to Reset your password (Quick Video)

    Your old Email and Password should work as per the old site, but if it doesn’t let you log in, kindly reset your password.

    If you are still having problems then you can use the chat function on the website, alternatively, you can call us on 01753 682 686 or email us



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  3. May 11, 2023

    APS M870 'Douchebag' Sheel Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun

    Coming Soon - Coming Soon Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon - Coming Soon

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  4. May 10, 2023

    Ares x Amoeba Striker Tactical 01 in OD (AST1-OD)

    Ares x Amoeba Striker Tactical 01 in OD (AST1-OD)

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  5. May 10, 2023

    Secutor - 17 Series -> MAGNA III and MAGNA VI

    'Hunter' is the meaning of my name "When the Secutor speaks, the enemy is silenced" I was born with my sword, the Gladius, on Roman sands as a gladiator, and my spirit remains today on hand-to-hand combat. The Gladius once was the most feared short-distance weapon, nowadays the gun has claimed its throne. This is the new Gladius, and you... the new Secutor.


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  6. March 25, 2021

    G&G - in Stock!

    212209 - G&G TR16 SBR 308 MK1 (G2H-016-MK1-BNB-NCM)
    212016 - G&G SMC-9 9mm Conversion Carbine Kit with GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol (Black - GAS-SMC-9MM-BBB-ECM)
    210362 - G&G FireHawk FHK M4 Stubby (Combat Machine)
    212206 - G&G AK PRK9 AEG (Black - GRK-9MM-ETU-BNB-NCM)
    210841 - G&G - GC16 Wild Hog 7" - ETU & MOSFET
    211117 - G&G GT-Advanced RK74-E Elite Tactical with inbuilt Mosfet & ETU (GRK-74E-ETU-BNB-NCM)
    211071 - G&G GT-Advanced TR4-18 AEG (TGR-418-LNG-BBB-NCM)
    211116 - G&G GT-Advanced RK74-T Tactical with inbuilt Mosfet & ETU (GRK-74T-ETU-BNB-NCM)
    211459 - G&G CM16 RAIDER L (Long - Tan - EGC-16P-RDL-DNB-NCM)
    211299 - G&G CM16 RAIDER (EGC-16P-RDS-BNB-NCM - Black - MOSFET)
    211119 - G&G GC16
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  7. March 25, 2021

    Maxx Model Range of Products in Stock

    Maxx Model Range of Products in Stock:

    Advanced Magazine Releases
    Advanced Speed Triggers
    Double O-Ring Nozzles
    Double O-Ring Piston Head
    Double Air Seal and Damper AEG Cylinder
    CNC Hop-Up Chamber
    CNC Hop-Up Chamber with LED
    CNC Spring Guide
    Hop-Up C-Clip
    Hop-Up R-Nub Bucking

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  8. December 08, 2020


    Alas, the third iteration of the KWA QRF is upon us. Internally, the Mod 3 shares all the same features as it’s numerical counterparts, but the outside is a whole different animal. This Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) draws inspiration from classic SMG designs and houses it in a familiar body.

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  9. October 15, 2020

    Amomax 'Rotate 360' Holsters

    Amomax, can rotate 360 degrees with a fixed position every 9 degrees.
    This allows for easy fit for every application (small of the back, cross draw, side draw, etc). There are various options available to fit your holster wherever it works best for you, such as on your belt or vest.
    With the large release/lock lever, the weapon sits firmly and securely inside the holster for all fast-paced and demanding situations.

    This holster comes as standard with a paddle mount for belts up to 42 mm width or pant waists allowing for concealed carry. The paddle features a rubberized back for comfort and a better grip.


    Self-locking system
    Easy retention
    Ergonomic perfection
    High-grade polymer for lightweight and solid construction

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  10. October 01, 2020

    KJWorks 4.5mm/.177 MK2 Co2 Pistol (Black)

    Now in 4.5mm/.177 BB Firing MK2 NBB Pistol is the development model of the original MK1 NBB Pistol. MK2 has the new designed outlook with metal outer barrel for keeping this old-school pistol more modern. MK2 comes with a fiber front sight which  allows user to aim target more faster than using the original iron sights, and the metal barrel makes the weight more balance in order to ensure good handling. Although MK2 is powered by CO2, it can use the gas magazine for KJ Works MK1.

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