'Hunter' is the meaning of my name "When the Secutor speaks, the enemy is silenced" I was born with my sword, the Gladius, on Roman sands as a gladiator, and my spirit remains today on hand-to-hand combat. The Gladius once was the most feared short-distance weapon, nowadays the gun has claimed its throne. This is the new Gladius, and you... the new Secutor.




  • Blow Back: YES
  • Hop Up: YES
  • Weight: 730 g
  • FPS: 300-320
  • CNC Made High Quality Pistol Slide
  • Weight Reduced
  • RMR friendly (Special screws required: SAGM1003)
  • External barrel length: 125mm
  • 14mm+ threaded silencer adapter
  • CO2 magazine included with extension (SPQR marks)
  • Magazine: 23rds
  • Maple Leaf AUTOBOT 50º included
  • Silicone buffer